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What would it feel like to wake up and realize that your life is getting closer and closer to your ideal vision every single day?

I know that’s what you really want.

Underneath all of the effort to make your life or business work, there’s a BIG WHY that’s driving you and I’m willing to bet it has something to do with living the lifestyle you want to live or accomplishing the far-fetched soul-driven goals that you’re still not 100% convinced can happen.

Maybe you want to…
➳ Sky dive in New Zealand, tour the Amazon in Brazil, or eat crepes outside of the Eiffel Tower.
➳ Attract soulmate Clients who adore working with you and invest a handsome fee.
➳ Write a best-selling book or speak from stages around the world to get your message out to the masses.
➳ Or maybe you just want more space in your day to relax and breathe and spend time with those who matter most. 

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Whatever it is that you really want, I also know there’s something blocking you from having it.

For instance, maybe you feel like you are succeeding in your life or business, but no matter what you do, you can’t break through that plateau to reach the next level of your success.

Or maybe the business you so courageously started isn’t bringing in the cash you thought it would, so you doubt you’re cut out for entrepreneurship after all.

Or maybe you just feel like everything you want to accomplish is TOO BIG, so you’re completely overwhelmed and paralyzed in a state of inaction. Whatever it is that’s holding you back—you aren’t experiencing the success or fulfillment that, deep in your bones, you know you’re meant for.

And it’s freaking FRUSTRATING.

Trust me, I know. I’ve been there.

Back in the summer of 2015, I hit a particularly rough and rocky bottom in my life & business. The big, bright vision I had to quit my part-time jobs and travel the world with my boyfriend and my lap top started to slip through my fingers and I had NO idea how to fix it.

As if the Universe were conspiring against me, a $1600 client backed out, five consultations in a row were no-shows, and I found myself crushed beneath a growing pile of college and business start-up debt. Instead of throwing my hands up and calling it quits on my dreams, I got curious. How could I, with all of my drive and passion and energy, experience success only to have it wrenched out from beneath me just as quickly?

Kayla MacArthur

Maybe something like this has happened to you before, too. Or maybe you’re still lurking in the shadows of your dreams because you’re too scared to even try to go after what you really want at all!

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way and I have the antidote to fix it!

After spending HOURS shining the light on my own bottom and studying mindset and personal development to turn my life and business around, it’s finally amounted to something. Because now, the tides have turned and I AM EXPERIENCING THE BIG SUCCESS I KNEW I WAS MEANT FOR!

In 2016 alone, I’ve manifested:
• Over $4,000 in unexpected cash.
• A free spot in a $5,000 Coaching Program with my dream mentor.
• An unexpected trip to Bali to write my best-selling book {wink, wink}.
• Hitting the yearly sales goal for my ebook in ONE WEEK.
• Taking 60 people through my signature Workshop over the course of six months.
• And my first $5K {banked} month with $10K in {booked} sales in just two months. 

My life is getting closer and closer to my ideal vision every single day and it’s all a result of the action I’ve taken to shift the way I think on a daily basis. Now I want to share my process with you so you can completely align with what you want & how to get it, and become un-freaking-stoabble in the pursuit of your dreams!

The Manifest More Success Program is right for you if you’re ready to:

✓ Own your greatness and start dreaming bigger than ever before.
✓ Uplevel your mindset so you can begin to attract and experience the success you know you’re meant for.
✓ Clear the crap that’s keeping you from feeling good and/or taking action towards your goals.
✓ Boost your productivity and gain massive momentum in the unfolding of your wildest dreams. 

After our work together…
You’ll wake up feeling completely in your power with an unshakable faith in your vision {even when outside circumstances make it feel impossible}.
And you’ll be in a constant state of awe and momentum due to all of the miracles you’ve ALREADY been able to co-create to make your wildest dreams come true.

Are you ready to manifest more success doing what you love?
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“Kayla quickly allowed me to see my blocks & resistance during our session and helped me compassionately unwind from beliefs I had around not being able to make money as a writer, which she identified as something that I was actually using to protect myself. Before my session with her, I’d been blogging but I hadn’t been committed to a longer daily writing practice. Kayla’s intuitive encouragement reignited something in me and as soon as I finished our session I committed to 500-1000 words a day. Before I knew it I had 10,000 words under my belt, just from allowing myself to enjoy the writing process again and putting it to the top of my commitment list as she had suggested. Kayla, you have a special gift for seeing the greatness in others. Thank you for reuniting me with the passion I had been putting on the bottom shelf for so long!”

-Natalie Edwards
Writer, Speaker, & Coach

What’s included in the Manifest More Success Program?

>> Manifest More Succes: Catalyze <<
Three Months of Individualized 1:1 Coaching

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>> Manifest More Success: Rise <<
Six Months of Individualized 1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to manifest more success doing what you love?
Apply for a complimentary Manifest More Success Breakthrough Session

“I was fortunate enough to work with Kayla on a Manifesting Mindset Deep Dive Session. I didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t worried because Kayla is the Manifesting Queen. I’ve read books on the subject, tapped, watched videos – you name it, but it all left me feeling overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure what to focus on in the way of manifesting, so I was basically doing loads of different things daily. Can you say frazzled? Kayla instantly put me at ease. Manifesting doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. You don’t have to throw ‘everything but the ktichen sink’ at it. Kayla taught me that it’s really all about clarity and simplicity. And guess what? Less than a week after our session I received an email out of the blue. A prominent organization in my field wants to film and feature me on their site. I’ll be handsomely compensated. Thank you Kayla! I’m on my way to joining your manifesting royalty ranks!!”

-Dawn Falcone
The Chaos Liberator

Once I actually scheduled my session with Kayla, I was relieved. Relieved and scared, but excited. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be moved. I was worried though, as all counseling sessions for me have gone, that I would not be told something I didn’t already know. I wanted for someone to take a look at me and really take me in, deduce a facet of myself that I hadn’t already mentioned, and unlock something I hadn’t just handed to them in a rambling of my past and present.
Kayla really saw me and she did that.

She told me things I had never thought about, things that are so much apart of me that I felt an immediate shift on the spot. They say it takes time to build report with a therapist or a coach, but I never understood that. If someone has spent most of their adult life learning about people, they should be able to lay some insightful shit out for me in an hour. Kayla did it in about 20 minutes. She then gave us the rest of the hour to explore, extrapolate, get inside my limiting beliefs, my mission… and I walked away with real practices; real tools I could implement immediately. Absolutely brilliant.

After the session, I felt a profound sense of relief. A deep inner stillness. I felt unstoppable and I felt like I had a real sense of how to get the fuck out of my way and be awesome. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I felt like I could trust myself again. I didn’t have to fear my crazy—in fact, all parts of me were just proud to be together and excited for the future and the present again! Kayla gave me both an eagerness and the deepest sense of patience I’ve ever felt simultaneously! Who does that?!

What I enjoyed most about the session was Kayla’s ability to listen. I never felt rushed or boring—everything mattered. Because her interest was so focused in such specific energy to lift, I found myself naturally looking for solutions or higher vibrating ways to express myself. Kayla’s energy through a web-meeting was able to keep our conversation and my emotional and mental state on the rails toward the fastest route to light and betterment; the fastest road to my authentic self. She has an incredible gift to just naturally keep people interested in getting better, rather than indulging in their fear. She does this without saying a word.”
-Katie B.
Musician & Actress