Work With Me

What if I told you that you could create what feels impossible NOW instead of years from now?

All it takes is an upgrade in who you’re being and POW!
You’re fulfilling your purpose + potential like never before.

Here’s what’s I see:

Every time you step towards greatness, you get caught in an invisible trap. If only you could see the trap, then you could step around it and move full-speed ahead towards the magnitude of what’s in your heart.

You know you have important work to do, but you keep getting stuck in one or more of these traps:

→ CLARITY. You have so many ideas and action without clarity is like death… plus death to your mission.

→ FEAR. “What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if people judge me?” Seriously, if you had a quarter for every time “what if” crossed your mind, you could build a school in Africa already.

→ RESISTANCE. “But I have all of this other stuff to do…” before you’ll have the time, the motivation, the ability, or the resources to do what you’re being CALLED to do.

→ THE HOW. Without a map, it makes it awfully difficult to find the treasure. “Can someone just tell me how to get there already?! Ugh, #overwhelmed.” 

How close am I?

If you’re like: HALLE-to-the-LUJAH, Kayla—you NAILED it, then guess what?

Just like the rest of us, you have a masterfully designed, finely-tuned survival mechanism, who’s job is to protect you from the dangers that come with making huge waves in the world.

I get that…

It’s easier to hide.
It’s easier to ignore the call.
It’s easier to continuously move the goal posts that will become your legacy.

But I also know that you can not {WILL NOT} let this fly forever.

What you need is a light, a mirror {one that talks back AND has your back}, and a solid plan…. so you can see the muck your mind is feeding you, shift it, and rock your mission in such a way that the impact creates an earthquake.

This is where I come in.

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Kayla quickly allowed me to see my blocks & resistance during our session and helped me compassionately unwind from beliefs I had around not being able to make money as a writer, which she identified as something that I was actually using to protect myself. Before my session with her, I’d been blogging but I hadn’t been committed to a longer daily writing practice. Kayla’s intuitive encouragement reignited something in me and as soon as I finished our session I committed to 500-1000 words a day. Before I knew it I had 10,000 words under my belt, just from allowing myself to enjoy the writing process again and putting it to the top of my commitment list as she had suggested. Kayla, you have a special gift for seeing the greatness in others. Thank you for reuniting me with the passion I had been putting on the bottom shelf for so long!
-Natalie Edwards
Writer, Speaker, & Coach

Once I actually scheduled my session with Kayla, I was relieved. Relieved and scared, but excited. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be moved. I was worried though, as all counseling sessions for me have gone, that I would not be told something I didn’t already know. I wanted for someone to take a look at me and really take me in, deduce a facet of myself that I hadn’t already mentioned, and unlock something I hadn’t just handed to them in a rambling of my past and present.
Kayla really saw me and she did that.

She told me things I had never thought about, things that are so much apart of me that I felt an immediate shift on the spot. They say it takes time to build report with a therapist or a coach, but I never understood that. If someone has spent most of their adult life learning about people, they should be able to lay some insightful shit out for me in an hour. Kayla did it in about 20 minutes. She then gave us the rest of the hour to explore, extrapolate, get inside my limiting beliefs, my mission… and I walked away with real practices; real tools I could implement immediately. Absolutely brilliant.

After the session, I felt a profound sense of relief. A deep inner stillness. I felt unstoppable and I felt like I had a real sense of how to get the fuck out of my way and be awesome. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I felt like I could trust myself again. I didn’t have to fear my crazy—in fact, all parts of me were just proud to be together and excited for the future and the present again! Kayla gave me both an eagerness and the deepest sense of patience I’ve ever felt simultaneously! Who does that?!

What I enjoyed most about the session was Kayla’s ability to listen. I never felt rushed or boring—everything mattered. Because her interest was so focused in such specific energy to lift, I found myself naturally looking for solutions or higher vibrating ways to express myself. Kayla’s energy through a web-meeting was able to keep our conversation and my emotional and mental state on the rails toward the fastest route to light and betterment; the fastest road to my authentic self. She has an incredible gift to just naturally keep people interested in getting better, rather than indulging in their fear. She does this without saying a word.”
-Katie B.
Musician & Actress