When Did You Stop Growing?

Creating The Impossible, Personal Story

If you only let in what “feels good,” are you shortchanging your growth?

I used to be defensive as hell. I hated feedback. I hated reflections. {Even when people had permission to give them}. They made me cringe. They made me cry.

I made them mean that I was “doing something wrong.” AKA: a major trigger for me. To protect myself, I was like water on canvas—I never let them sink in.

In fact, I went to war. I was “RIGHT.” They were “WRONG.” And as a result, I defended exactly where I didn’t want to stay.

That’s the thing with creating what feels impossible—the way you’re used to being isn’t always going to work.

If it did, you’d already be where you want to go. If what “feels good” always worked, you wouldn’t find yourself in a similar place year after year.

Growth is rarely comfortable.
It’s not always going to come wrapped up in a bow.
It requires letting things in and letting them make a difference, even if they don’t feel good at first.

What if the very thing you’re resisting {a tool, a reflection, feedback} is the thing that will catapult you to where you want to go? {It’s okay if it won’t too}.

What if the tool/reflection/feedback wasn’t “right” or “wrong,” but simply something to use or not?

With light, love, & perspective,

P.S. To give you a glimpse into my world, my Coaches recently gave me feedback and a tool that DOES NOT feel good. My resistance is like a thick wall built inside my chest. I know it will lead to major growth, but I’m not ready to use it yet. I want you to know: I get it <3

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