What is Your Anchor?

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Pursuing and living your calling is one of the highest forms of WAKING UP.

When you’re anchored in the world by your calling, you feel a sense of fulfillment that is no match to what any relationship, any drug, or any amount of money from a soul-sucking job could provide.

I know this because I’ve experienced it myself.

There was a time in my life when I was anchored in the world not by my calling, but by the men I dated. They WERE MY WORLD and I let my life revolve around them. I let them be my purpose—to the point where I became obsessed. So obsessed that I would attempt to control the relationship in any way I could. I was jealous. I was needy. I was completely consumed with getting their love.

For obvious reasons, these relationships ended poorly. But even when I began to master who I was being and my relationships started to improve, I still attracted men that were always out of reach. Even though I wasn’t outwardly acting on my feelings of insecurity, I still felt these feelings on the inside and they felt like war.

To cover up my fight with uncertainty and to cope with this inner battle, I split my anchor in half and I gave myself away to drinking and drugs.

It wasn’t unusual for you to find me out at 6am on a Saturday morning. Not because I was waking up early to chase my goals, but because I had spent the entire night strung out on whatever someone happened to hand me.

These were my darkest days—the days where I had no calling. The days where I was wandering around my life, trying to figure out where I fit in and what I wanted to DO for the rest of it! None of it felt right and of course, I was looking in all the wrong places.

It wasn’t until I drove clear across the country for eight weeks and experienced the kind of freedom that only living on the road can offer that I truly started to wake up.

I began to question: What really lights me up? What am I REALLY here to do?

Of course, the rest is history and now as I’m writing this to you, I’m someone who is fully anchored in the world by her calling. Someone who is a full expression of her best and brightest and most authentic self. Someone who wakes up every single day, overcome with pure joy for the work she gets to do.

I thank the Universe and MYSELF for having the courage to jump and pursue a calling that I love—for leaving behind that empty shell of a life and believing in the power that was within me all along.

Everything changed for me when I let my calling be my anchor. And everything can change for you too.

But the question is—will you allow yourself to jump?

With light, love, & courage,

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