What If Awareness is Actually Keeping You Stuck?

Creating The Impossible

Awareness is awesome.
Until it isn’t enough.

You can rattle off your resistance and describe every inch of how you hold yourself back.
You can paint a picture of your patterns and how they keep you stuck.

Yet, for how well you see your shadow, you don’t know how to move beyond it to create what feels impossible.
You’re stuck IN IT. And all you want is to be free of it.

That’s because awareness doesn’t cut it. You have to USE IT. When you’re aware of how you’re blocked, you’re not actually blocked—you’re choosing to be.

Where it looks like you have a problem, what if there’s simply a decision you have to make? Are you going to use your awareness to do the scary thing or are you going to use your awareness to decorate the struggle?

Everything you want is on the other side of doing something different and making that decision means you have to confront what’s on the other side.

If you act on that decision, you risk:

Being judged.
Making the wrong decision.

The list goes on, but the point is the same: To avoid an even scarier mess, you go to great lengths to make sure you never get there. Instead, you look for more awareness—the insight or breakthrough that’s going to “change it all.” You create a home within the struggle, wondering how to walk out, when all it takes is acting on a decision to do the scary thing.

How do you know what’s on the other side anyways?
Would you be willing to find out?

Throughout the month of December, I’ve set aside time in my calendar for FOUR complimentary Create The Impossible Sessions. I want to support you in making the scary decision. I want to support you with what’s on the other side. To claim one, email me at kaylamacarthurcoaching@gmail.com and tell me what you currently want to create + where you’re getting stuck.

With light, love, & new heights,

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