What Clients Are Saying…

“Since I started working with Kayla, my life has been transformed in ways I had only dreamed of being possible. From our very first session, I knew she had a gift and would shake things up in my life like no other Coach has ever been able to before.

In the short time that we have worked together one of the most profound shifts that took place has been in my business. I was previously “stuck” at a rank in my company trying to get to the next level for two years. I achieved that rank in two months after I started working with Kayla and she helped me to realize WHY I was stuck and what I needed to do to get to that next level! Personally, my relationship with my husband is the best it has been in years, I am a better parent, and my friendships have improved. Emotionally, I feel more balanced, happy, and able to function from a higher energy source which allows me to truly live my purpose!

Kayla is amazing at intuitively asking just the right questions to elicit a response that is needed to take your life to the next level. This has been my favorite part of working with her and the results have been phenomenal. I couldn’t recommend her as a Coach enough! If you are ready to have your whole world rocked and transformed, then work with Kayla and watch the magic unfold!”

-JoAnna S.
DoTerra Wellness Advocate Leader & Essential Oil Educator

Sparkle In Gold“Looking back on the time before I started coaching with Kayla, my life and business were both a mess. I was working way too much, not making any income through my businesses, nor did I even have a goal for both of my businesses! Though I believed in my heart and mind that both my businesses could be a success, fear was showing up day in and day out through my actions. I knew I needed to streamline both the way I was thinking and my daily actions in order to create a lifestyle + business that worked for me.

I truly feel my whole perspective on my life and business has changed. I currently work full-time, so before working with Kayla, I used to carry the weight of working full-time plus owning two full-time businesses on my shoulders like a burden. I was mentally and physically exhausted and I wasn’t happy. Through consistent coaching with Kayla, we started to change my perspective and my limited beliefs—ones that I created from early childhood up until now.

We started with defining the main goals I wanted to achieve in my life and business and continued to work on ways to get there. Through figuring out my goals, we chipped away at all the blocks that were currently in my life that were hindering success from showing up.

We defined the specific monetary goal I wanted to achieve within three months, and we got there! To be able to create products, sell them, and receive the income I envisioned was a huge accomplishment, and one I know was possible through the practices Kayla and I created.

Through working with Kayla, my daily life has completely changed for the better. I am so much happier and confident both in life and my businesses. I now truly know and believe what I am worth and the success I can create within my businesses. I am so excited to continue to see my goals come to life. Creating the life of your dreams is work that takes daily practice, patience, and trust. Kayla’s work allows for you to dive deep into your inner self in order to realize that everything you want will come to life through consistent practice of the skill sets we created together.

Kayla has such a welcoming and kind personality, making it so incredibly easy to talk to her and share deep/personal information. She truly cares for each and every person that she works with and it shows through her dedication of being consistent with our sessions, going above and beyond in every session to make sure we truly understand/work on the goals we want, and going out of her way to check in/give us guidance and ideas on areas that we are developing. Finding a really great, genuine friend through coaching with Kayla has to be my favorite part!”

  • -Odette W.
    Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

    The Universe brought Kayla and I together to help me transition through a massive life change. I had followed Kayla for a few months on Facebook and I had an instant trust and connection with her. I knew that one day I would be working with her.

    This past summer, I went through a big break up and Kayla reached out. I knew that she was brought into my life for a reason, and this was it—to help me through a transition that often led to massive self sabotage.

    Kayla helped me to identify patterns of dependencies in my relationships so that I can attract the person I am truly meant to be with for the rest of my life. We dove deep into my thought patterns, the source of the subconscious blue print, and we shone light on how these patterns were affecting all areas of my life.

    I came to Kayla just wanting to feel free and healed and that we did. Kayla helped me heal from past relationships just by recognising what my role was in the situation based on these patterns. I was able to release the anchors that had been holding me back from following my thirst to travel and live a minimalist lifestyle.

    Kayla helped me uncover my free spirit and release her from the cage I held her in, which resulted in me going on an amazing solo trip where I truly found and learned so much more about myself. I now have six trips planned out for 2017 which honours my intense desire to feel free. Fear would have held me back from all of this if it wasn’t for the breakthroughs that I made with Kayla.

    I also uncovered the truth that my career was not meant to be the path that I am supposed to be on forever and I realized that the Universe has been guiding me to explore Life Coaching as a career.

    Kayla has been a big inspiration in this new adventure of mine, as I feel like I am following in her footsteps with transitioning from a Fitness Coach to a Life Coach.

    If it wasn’t for the work that I had done with Kayla, I know that I would be back in a relationship to mask the pain rather than fully healing, I know I would forever feel tied down to taking care of my parents and putting their happiness before mine, which would have held me back from traveling and my future move, and I know I would have been stuck in a fitness career for a while, trying to figure out why I was feeling unfulfilled.

    My favorite part about working with Kayla was knowing that I had her in my corner, and really that’s what I needed the most in this transition—someone who was on the outside that wanted the best for me and that I could trust to guide me through my self sabotage. I have a forever friend in Kayla.”

    -Mary E.

    “Life before working with Kayla was unfocused and unfulfilled. I was content, but itching for more. Since I’ve been working with Kayla, I’ve experienced some miraculous changes. Massive growth in interpersonal strengths, internal fortitude, and overall motivation in life. I work out more now. I’m much more aware of my ability to solve problems and find confidence in my abilities. I’m more able to find peace in my life in times of emotional discomfort. I’ve also found that my mood is much more stable. I’ve begun my Masters in Special Education, my training to be a Reiki Master, and I’ve been more creative musically!

    My favorite part of working with Kayla was the sheer motivation that was inspired. The joy that I felt watching her interpret information and processing it in a useful way. She’s so perceptive. A phenomenal listener. And her ability to help me look through my lens-of-limit and see possibility instead of obstruction was amazing! She helped me get through a lot of muck. Thank you, Kayla!”

    -Dave C.

    “I truly believe that God/The Universe, will present you with what you need when you need it—the key is, you need to be able to recognize its presence and welcome it into your life. This is how my coaching relationship with Kayla came about.

    Prior to working with Kayla, I was the kind of person who would easily get “stuck in her ways.” The kind of person who was afraid to shake things up out of fear that she may lose a “good thing.” I was quick to point out what wasn’t working for me and victimize myself within my circumstances. I found myself stuck and unable to see what wonderful things could unfold for my business. I was witnessing a friend of mine grow and increase her business income in record time and I was in awe. More so, I found myself envious of this new fire and excitement she had for her business. She shared Kayla’s blog with me, and it quickly resonated, so I promptly set up an appointment with her.

    I have to say, I was a bit (okay, more than a bit!) skeptical at first. I am a Chiropractor and there are plenty of “Chiropractic Business Coaches” out there that I have tried to work with in the past. They’re all about “getting new patients in the door,” making more money, and learning what “scripts” to say to people so that you can grow your practice. This was all very uncomfortable to me because I was not “a business person” and the thought of it “being about the money” seemed appalling to me.

    In other coaching experiences, it was about their expertise as a Coach, their ego, and what they had to tell me and direct me to do. I was nervous that Kayla was going to try to coach me similarly…but she didn’t. In the first session we had, I felt so comfortable with her, as if I was just talking to a very good friend. She provided me with thought provoking questions about where I was in my business and in my personal life, what was working for me and what wasn’t, and where I saw myself ninety days, a year from now, or even five years from now. She asked me what inspires me, allowed me to share what drives me, and also, what scares me. Over the course of three months, we would meet weekly and discover where road blocks were popping up for me in my business—fears that I have had from my childhood upbringing and past experiences that worked their way into how I was managing my patients and my income now. She would provide weekly action steps for me to take, so that I had accountability for implementing what we were working on.

    Kayla has been the first person to truly and gently call me out on my self-sabotaging behaviors. While it was sometimes uncomfortable to work through them, we both knew that after my initial resistance, I would spring forward with these new revelations and then my business would thrive!

    One of the most powerful things I learned about myself through working with Kayla was that I AM “a business person” and more so, I DO want to increase my business and make money. I once had such negative thought patterns and connotations about making money. Kayla’s coaching helped me to shift my perspective on money and business and align it with my passion for helping people so that these things can feel good, healthy, and congruent.

    The unique thing about Kayla’s coaching sessions is that it’s impossible for the work you do with her not to overflow into your personal relationships and how you interact in the world. Not only was I finding myself interacting with my patients and colleagues with a more intuitive perspective, but also in my relationships with my family and friends. My communication skills improved because I was more clear with my priorities and boundaries and because I had more self awareness of the patterns that were no longer serving me.

    I am forever grateful for her loving guidance in assisting me to not just grow my business, but for empowering me to shift my thought patterns in every aspect of my life that were holding me back. Thank you, Kayla!!!

    -Courtney Neill, DC

    Manifest More Success“Before I started working with Kayla, I felt disconnected from myself and my purpose. I was full of doubts about the right path for me and I wanted to feel better about my career and my life.

    As a result of working with Kayla, I now know myself better and what I really want to be doing in the world—my purpose. I changed a lot of beliefs and ways of thinking that were pulling me down. I feel more confident and capable of doing whatever I want in my life.

    My favorite part was that I always had a huge breakthrough and realized something important about myself or my life! And that Kayla is so upbeat, kind, compassionate and insightful :)”

    -Lena P.
    Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger