What a Lack of Motivation Really Means & What to Do About It

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It rained in Massachusetts for a month.
Every day was cloudy, cold, and bleak.
Winter was clinging desperately, digging its heels into the fresh soil of Spring.

While it would have been easy to blame my lack of motivation on Winter’s inability to surrender, I knew deep down that my energetic rut wasn’t about the weather, but rather—it was the same old pattern coming back for more. The pattern you think you’ve healed, only to have it show up on your doorstep wrapped in different paper.

For a good majority of my life, I’ve struggled with cycling through energetic highs and lows.

The highs are always great. Who doesn’t love feeling energized, getting things done, and creating exponential results? For someone who’s comfortable in her masculine energy, the highs have never been the problem.

Nope—it’s the lows that derail me. I have a much harder time sitting with myself when my creativity dries up and I feel inescapably exhausted from just THINKING about the big vision I have for my life. It’s during these times when I stress out the most. When self-criticism and judgment live in every corner of my brain. When the results slow down. When I feel like I’ll never get my energy back.

Can you relate?

I’ve done enough inner work to know that when I fall into an energetic low, it’s an invitation to pull back into my feminine energy—to reflect, to rest, to receive, to “do” less—at least until my masculine energy and my creativity return. But while I had been practicing these things diligently, I noticed something alarming this time around: they weren’t working.

It seemed, like Winter, that I too wouldn’t let go.

“But why?” I wrote in my journal. As I dug deeper and deeper, I made a startling realization. For all of the awareness I’ve created around the fact that my energy is cyclical rather than linear, I’ve NEVER fully accepted or honored this.

In many ways, my actions suggest that an energetic low is LESS VALUABLE than an energetic high. I talk about an energetic low as something to navigate, something to cope with, something that is NOT me. I see it as darkness, rather than light. Something to disown, rather than love.

The reason I’m struggling to let go of the low this time around is because I’m meant to receive and integrate a new level of healing. I’m meant to see this pattern from a new angle; from a higher state of consciousness.

So, over the past couple of days, I’ve been leaning into these questions:

How can I be more intentional with honoring the way my energy cycles?
Instead of seeing an energetic low as something to watch out for and cope with, how can I embrace it and incorporate it into my life?

After all, if I loved my cyclical nature, I would honor and embrace it instead of trying to “fix” it by eliminating it. Wow… now that’s a different angle.

​​​​​​​What’s come up from asking myself these questions is the revelation that my energy directly correlates and is, in fact, influenced by the cycles that are found in nature. Whether it’s the four seasons or the lunar phases, I can plan my productivity with them in mind.

The truth is, we’re not designed to be “on” all of the time. Just how nature has seasons and the moon has phases, we have highs and lows in our energy. We’re most productive when we can live from both the masculine and feminine, however, in a society that highly values the masculine, it’s difficult to see the value in and connect back to the gifts that being in our feminine energy has to offer.

Not to mention, there’s people like me, and possibly you too, who feel the consequences of always trying to live in the masculine. The loss of motivation I felt? The burnout you might experience after an extended period of “doing, doing, doing” with little to no rest? These are the consequences of disowning our cyclical nature.

So what do we do about this? How do we honor and incorporate our cyclical nature into our lives? Quite simply, we plan our productivity around the different phases:

1.) The first phase correlates to the Winter & the New Moon.

During this phase, energy is low. It’s not about taking action, but rather, it’s about planning what action to take. Ask yourself: What would I like to manifest over the upcoming cycle? What projects would I like to work on? What goals would I like to accomplish? What actions will I eventually need to take to accomplish my projects and my goals? This is also a great time to check in with your larger vision and make adjustments if anything feels out of alignment. The primary focus of this phase is to meditate on what you want, to rest, to engage in an extra dose of self care, to be creative in a way that feels good, and to have deep conversation with others around what you’d like to create. This would be a great time to take a relaxing vacation or a weekend get-away.

2.) The second phase correlates to Spring & the Waxing Moon.

During this phase, energy begins to build, therefore, it’s time to sow your seeds! The primary focus of this phase is to begin carrying out the action plan you crafted in the first phase that will help you manifest what you want. This a great time to initiate a project or launch an offer in your business.

3.) The third phase correlates to Summer & the Full Moon.

During this phase, energy is at its peak. The primary focus is to take action and to receive and show gratitude for what shows up. This is a great time to push yourself, to act on your inspirations, and to have lots of exciting activities scheduled, like speaking engagements, networking events, or sales calls.

4.) The fourth and final phase correlates to the Fall & the Waning Moon.

During this phase, energy begins to slow down. The primary focus is to wrap up tasks and tie up loose ends. Do you need to organize your finances? Close a project or a launch? Clean up your house or your office? Plan on giving yourself extra time and space to get things done. Take a moment to reflect on what went well and what did not go well during this cycle. Release what’s no longer serving you and if you find that you have some inner work to do {for example, money mindset work, spiritual healing work, etc.}, this is the best time to do it.

Depending on how attuned you are to nature, you might find yourself experiencing these phases directly with the moon, with the seasons, or if you’re a woman, with menstruation. However, you might also find yourself cycling through these phases at your own unique pace. The important thing is to honor and love each phase you’re in instead of trying to fight against it.

Now, you might also be curious to ask: How is it possible to honor phases one and four when I don’t have the luxury of putting my life or business on hold?

I totally get it. If you’re a mother or a father, if you have a full time job, if you’re not making consistent cash flow in your business—it can feel impossible to slow down.

And so here’s the thing: Honoring the feminine energy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not doing, but it does ask you to take a closer look at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. For example, during phases one and four, could you assess the bare minimum of what you need to do and just do that? Could you combine activities to get more done in less time {i.e. catching up with a friend while working out in the park}? Could you slow down by physically doing the activities slower?

I think the most important point to take away here is that we don’t have to wait until we lose all of our motivation or until we burn out BEFORE we decide to honor the feminine side of our energetic cycle.

If we can be intentional about how we flow our energy; if we can plan “slowing down” into our regular schedule, maybe—just maybe we can actually set ourselves up to accomplish more with less effort or in other words, we can set ourselves up to BE IN and STAY IN: FLOW <3

If you have any questions or are intrigued by this principle and interested to apply it to your life, feel free to comment below & share your thoughts or message me privately >>here

With light, love, & flow,

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