Three Powerful Shifts From Rich Litvin’s Coaching Intensive


Before we left the Intensive to go back to our lives and a world that didn’t expand like we did, Rich encouraged us to sit with our experiences and our insights—to keep them to ourselves and let them shift how we show up in the world. He encouraged us to let people FEEL our expansion, rather than talk about it.

While I have every intention of honoring his wisdom, I also know myself well enough to know that my expansion integrates more deeply from turning around and teaching.

While I can’t possibly fit the magnitude of what I experienced into a single blog post, I can share the most powerful and profound shifts that are influencing the bigger game I’m playing now.

I hope with all of my heart that you can take them into your soul and let them settle there. That you can feel them in your bones as deeply as I can. And at the least, I hope you can learn something new that you weren’t open to or thought was possible before.

This weekend was pure magic and so let me sprinkle some of it on you….

1.) “Most people go after what they think they can get. Not what they want.”

When these words rolled off Rich’s tongue, every single one of them landed powerfully for me. They were electric and as I took them into my consciousness, my cells shook with a life force like nothing I’ve experienced before.

These words are #Truth for many of us. And I felt them to my core.

I realized in that moment how small of a game I’ve actually been playing. There are things in my life that I REALLY WANT, yet they sit in the background because I’m afraid if I were to live into them, I would fail miserably. Like if I were to charge the kind of fees I really want to charge, Clients wouldn’t come. Like if I were to travel how I really want to travel, I’d let people down.

I’ve been going after what I think I can get, even if things are going really fucking great. I’ve been charging Coaching fees that feel safe. I’ve been traveling in a way that feels safe. And while I am signing Clients and traveling the world, these things aren’t happening in the way I truly WANT them to happen.

After this weekend, I’m leaning into a new question: How can I give up going after what I think I can get and shift into going after what I want?

2.) Lead with your mission and what you believe in.

Rich is a rule breaker. And I really love that about him. When he introduced the idea of leading with your mission and what you believe in when someone asks you what you do, I whole heartedly took on the challenge.

Screw the one-liner where you state your ideal Client profile and the results you provide. It’s boring and generic.

When you tell someone about your big mission and what you believe in, that’s something people can get on board with.

“What do you do Kayla?” Well, I’m on a mission to have powerful conversations that shift the trajectory of people’s lives, and then—the world. I believe everyone should have the ability to make their unique wave in the world doing what absolutely lights them up.

3.) Make your Coaching programs really fucking cool. The sky is the limit {literally}.

One of the best things about being around really powerful people who are up to big things in the world is how much possibility they reflect back to you for your own life and how you do things.

Before this weekend, I wasn’t even aware of the level of possibility that is available to me now.

I still remember the jolt of excitement that pulsed through my body when one of my fellow group members told us how freaking cool his Coaching program is. He actually takes his Clients for a ride in his fighter jet AND he takes them sky diving.

Like wtf?! Never before did I see how far the edges of possibility could go for combining your passions to create a truly unique and powerful Coaching experience.

Suffice it to say, my creative wheels have been turning ever since and now I’m working on my own version of a really fucking cool Coaching program. I’ll give you a hint before I let it simmer some more: it involves Coaching, powerful people, and edgy adventures in Bali or Mexico.

So now that I’ve shared these insights with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts as you let them land. How can I support you in making them real for you?

If there’s one thing the Intensive made me present to, it’s that it’s totally okay that I love to give and serve. That’s what it’s all about. So truly, if these insights are inspiring something within you, feel free to reach out and let’s have a conversation about it.

Heaven knows, we could all use help with creating and living into our biggest life <3

With light, love, and expansion,

Words & Wisdom

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