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Creating The Impossible

The week before the new year is like a sacred sigh.

It’s the culmination of celebration for what transpired and the {sometimes uncomfortable} realization of what didn’t.

It’s a time to reflect on what you’re taking with you and what you’d like to let go of.
It’s a time to envision what’s next.

The week unfolds slow and fast, all at the same time. Possibility is palpable. You hold your breath, waiting for the first light of January when you can hit the ground running. The list of what you want to create is a mile long and there’s no time to waste before getting started.

If you’re like me, the year begins with the blissful belief that you can accomplish all of it. That is—until another year passes and many things go undone. For a driven person, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you’re capable of and not living into it.

So this year, I’d like to propose something different. What would happen if you slowed way, way down and chose to filter your list from a place of commitment?

Being a driven person, you have no shortage of energy or focus when you’re lit up by a purpose that beats with every pulse of your heart. So, what would happen if you chose to put that level of energy into what you’re committed to creating versus #AllOfTheThings?

What would happen if you put that energy into what’s MOST important to you and your mission?

Commitment is devotion.
It’s dedication.
It’s taking responsibility for creating what you want.

When it comes to commitment, there’s no room for resignation, avoidance, or mere interest. Commitment is not attachment, either. Just because you’re committed to creating a result, does not guarantee it will happen or happen in the way you expect it to.

Of course, there’s room for flexibility, for pivoting, for letting other things in—but when it comes to taking action, the actions you choose to take arise from your commitment.

Commitment is the spirit you bring to doing.
It’s the magic that moves mountains in your world and THE world.

What would happen if you let that spirit be the spark of everything you do?

With light, love, & and a Happy New Year,

P.S. When I separated my so-far list, this is what it looked like. What about you? If you’d like to share your list, drop it in the comments below 🙂

Committed to creating in 2018:

→ I want to transition from a full part-time Coaching practice to a full full-time Coaching practice where I’m supporting mission-driven leaders who are dead set on making waves in the world.
→ I want to write 100% of my travel memoir.
→ I want to fill my Bali Program with four powerful women {which, by the way, I just booked the location for YESTERDAY, eek!}. 
→ I want to pay off my credit card.
→ I want to run another half-marathon in New Hampshire.

Would like to create in 2018:

→ I want to continue to work with my Coaches past March.
→ I want to go on one big trip.
→ I want to attend the Rich Litvin Intensive in LA.
→ I want to create friendships where we spend unscheduled time together or call each other just because.
→ I want to purchase a new Nikon D3300.
→ I want to get back into weight lifting 5x per week.

P.S.S. This exercise is something that we’ll be doing in IGNITE, which is starting on January 9th. We’ll be taking it one step further by putting structures into place {powerful project planning + kick ass accountability} to ensure that you do what you’re committed to doing.

Interested in this kind of support? Check out the details >>here to see if you’d like to make the commitment.

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