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I was speaking with a Client last week about her discomfort with the need to prove herself.

For much of her career, she’s felt the drive to continuously learn and gain more knowledge so that she could appear as a true expert. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing—I was curious about the motivation behind her drive to learn. What was it?

As we dove deeper into the issue, she told me a story about a fellow colleague who had caught a potentially serious incident with one of his Clients before it could get worse.

At this point, we were getting somewhere.

Next, I asked her how her colleague caught the incident. Her answer was where the real shift started to happen. She said, “well, he just knew. He felt it.”

Ahhhh. He had an intuition.

At that moment in time, her colleague hadn’t looked through his textbooks. Nor did he have memorized everything that could go wrong. He FELT that something was off and he followed his gut.

Underneath my Client’s struggle to prove herself was the very real fear that if she didn’t know everything there was to know, she might seriously hurt someone. With this kind of fear bubbling beneath the surface, I don’t blame her for always wanting to prove herself!

After our session, I began to think about my own experience with learning and intuition.

Much like my Client, I’m also committed to honing my craft. I love watching videos and reading up on new tools and processes that will help me expand my Coaching skills.

There was a point in time though, where I became TOO focused on learning everything perfectly. I would go into sessions, armed with these new processes and try to carry them out precisely as I had learned them.

After the session, something felt off. I was disappointed in my performance. It didn’t flow. It didn’t feel good. And I felt like a horrible Coach.

What I came to realize with this trial and error was that what makes my Coaching SO POWERFUL is my ability to rely completely on my intuition.

My most powerful and impactful sessions are when I completely let go of the process and instead, I ask the questions that—like magic—form on the tip of my tongue. Every single time I do this, the person in front of me has a major breakthrough that changes the course of her life.

So what lesson can you take away here?

Your success truly lies in listening to your intuition.

Just think about it—our subconscious brain is ALWAYS listening. Thousands of stimuli are constantly bombarding us, but the reason we’re not aware of every single one of them is because a mechanism in our brain filters out what’s irrelevant to what the conscious brain is focused on.

It DOES NOT mean that we’re not recording everything though. We’re most certainly recording these stimuli—but it’s our subconscious mind that’s doing all of the work.

So everything that you’ve ever learned or experienced from being a human in this world {even if you can’t consciously remember it} HAS been registered in your subconscious mind and it lives there, waiting for the moment when you need it most.

When my Client’s colleague had an intuitive hit that something was off with his Client, his subconscious mind searched all of its “files” from years of schooling and past experiences until it found the right information, which then bubbled up in the form of a gut feeling that something was terribly off.

Just like when I Coach—the questions that appear like magic on the tip of my tongue are the result of my subconscious mind accessing all the files I’ve collected over the years from my training and my life experience to form the exact, right questions.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we already know.

In the case of intuition, our subconscious mind typically has our back. If you want to be more successful, you have to start listening to it!

{and I only say “typically” because if you have faulty beliefs and outdated programming, well then—you might want to further analyze your intuitions when it comes to expansion to make sure they’re not actually Ego, but that’s a story for a different time 😉 }

With light, love, & intuitive knowing,

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