The Art of Getting Unstuck: Coming Home to Who You Want to Be

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I carefully lowered myself into a small, shallow pool. It was worn in the smooth rock that spread over the Earth like butter. The water was warm and soft on my skin.

Carefully lying back, I found the perfect nook to rest my head in. I took a deep breath and let my hands float to the surface of the water.

Before me, sweeping blue mountains rose into rounded peaks. A river rushed forward, bubbling it’s way around boulders and rocks that dotted the bank. The air was pure and fresh with a hint of pine floating off the forest that flanked each side of the river.

I sunk deep into thought and turned my face towards the sun.

How could I forget this part of myself? The part of me that lives for adventure; that aches for sweet moments like this, tucked away in wildness.

As humans bustling through busy lives, we tend to forget that in every moment, we get to choose who we’re being.

You would think it would be easy to choose and commit to being a powerful version of ourselves, but in fact, it’s way easier to get lost in the daily grind, to mask intention with busyness, and in the most extreme cases, to pass through life imprisoned by the limited perception our past experiences have barred us into. In other words, it’s easier to be the Survivor.

Choosing who you want to be and being her takes awareness and practice and devotion. There will be times where you forget. But then, there will be times where you remember.

As I soaked in the warm pool that day, delighted by the sensation of being completely present to my surroundings, I remembered.

I remembered that I am the Adventurer.

This became even more real when I spoke to my Coach a few days later. She gracefully picked apart my current story and reflected back to me how I’ve been living and looking through a lens of the Survivor; of Fear. I’d forgotten about my commitment to explore. I’d traded the unknown for the known, and as a result, my Spirit was suffering, my creativity was suffering, and my business was suffering.

Almost immediately, I felt a shift. It was groundbreaking. Earth shattering.

Who I had been cracked into a million tiny pieces only to come back together again, rearranged, reorganized, revitalized—the Adventurer had returned.

​​​​​​​Who is the Adventurer?

She is wildly creative. Fun and present.
She travels as a catalyst for self-reflection, meaning, and growth.
She’s grounded and Earthy. She loves being outdoors.
She’s strong and capable.
She leads by example. She shares the messy parts as well as the good parts. She stands boldly in her truth and follows her bliss.
She’s playful.
She’s committed to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
She takes on the “impossible” and plays a BIG game to achieve it.
She never stops dreaming. She never stops exploring. And most importantly, she never stops adventuring.

By choosing to be the Adventurer, I now have a different lens to live and look at life through. I have a different set of intentions that will shape everything I do in both my personal and professional life.

Before I act, I’ll ask myself: What would the Adventurer do? How would the Adventurer show up?

As you might guess, the Adventurer takes radically different action and shows up quite differently than the Survivor. Can you feel the freedom in that? Can you feel the movement in that?

Where I had felt stuck before suddenly opened up, like a hungry river devouring a dam. Flow was back and I could feel it settle in every cell. Almost as quickly as I felt the shift in my body, I saw a shift in my reality too:

I received clarity about what to do with my free community.

My desire to only work with powerful, committed 1:1 Clients for six month or year long contracts manifested when one of my most phenomenal Clients re-signed for a six month journey together.

​​​​​​​Four of my group coaching Clients accepted my invitation to play a bigger game and grow alongside me during the next round of the NLT coming up in September.

Who you are being matters.
It permeates everything.
It dictates what you do or do not create.
So if you’re feeling stuck, how are you perpetuating stuckness through who you’re being? Who have you forgotten you want to be?

You possess the power of choice when it comes to how you show up in the world. Claim it. Come up for air from your busy life. Examine what you really want to create and who you need to be in order to create it.

And if it still feels hard to cast aside the Survivor, remember that you are made of the very stuff that forms the mightiest mountains, the softest streams, the thickest forests. Like nature {you are nature}, you have the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct. You have the ability to break down and build up again.

Come home to who you want to be. It’s the art of getting unstuck.

With light, love, & adventure,

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