The #1 Mindset Hack You Need to Make Your Dreams REAL Next Year

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Generating a list of what you want is easy.
Making it real is a whole different story.
How do you reconcile the two?

I remember a particular day four years ago—October 1st, 2013 to be exact. It was the day the U.S. government was forced into shut down and as a result, all of the National Parks were closed until further notice. While this typically wouldn’t be an issue, that day—it was.

You see, that was the exact day my best friend and I were leaving on an eight week road trip across the U.S. with the intention to camp and explore many of the National Parks. I was suffering from a broken heart. She was in need of pushing beyond her comfort zone. We both needed to discover ourselves. And so we thought: What not a better way to heal and grow than to surrender to the beauty and freedom of nature and the road?

From the moment we decided to make this trip REAL {it was something we always wanted to do, but again, making it real is another story}, I went into planning mode.

I spent hours every day, combing the internet for the best parks to visit, sights to see, campgrounds to stay in, and routes to take. Seriously, I think I put together a 3-5 page word document that detailed the trip from the moment we left to the moment we got back. Everything was planned to a perfect T.

So, when the day came to leave and the news broke that government shut down the parks, our entire plan went out the window.


This is where most people stop. This is where you stop.

You make a list of what you want. You set your goals and intentions. You craft the plan. You take the action. Then, BAM—you hit a wall. The plan stops working, so you stop working. You lose momentum, “making it real” gets lost, and you move onto something new only to repeat the cycle again.

​​​​​​​What would’ve happened if my best friend and I huffed and puffed and decided not to leave until the government reopened the parks?

Absolutely nothing would have happened.

Our dream would have gone back on the shelf to collect dust and possibly never see the light of day again.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, that’s not what actually happened. Instead, we set off into the early autumn sunset and drove fifteen hours straight to Chicago. We camped on a lonely tributary of the Mississippi River. We got snowed in in Hulett Wyoming, population: 395. We stopped in Salt Lake City to visit a friend we hadn’t seen since high school and then went up to Portland to visit another. We drove the entire length of Rt. 1 in California, all the way down to San Diego, where we made a sharp turn back up North to see the lights of Las Vegas and finally, made our way back home through the dusty desserts of Utah.

And do you know what? That road trip was the best fricken’ trip of my life. It was the perfect antidote for a broken heart. I healed. I grew. I stepped into being the CREATOR of my life. Even though we were supposed to drive 35 hours straight to the Grand Teton National Park, even though we were supposed to see Crater Lake and NOT stay with friends in Salt Lake City and Portland, we both accomplished what we set out to do, plus so much more.

The trip turned out to be one of the best dreams I’ve ever made real and do you know why it happened?

Because we didn’t give up. We readjusted. We saw magic in the unknown. We learned to create a new plan when the one we originally came up with failed to follow through.

What would happen if you did this too?

If next year, you set out to achieve what you want WITH A PLAN, but also with the ability to be flexible and readjust as needed?

What would happen if you didn’t lose steam, give up altogether, or move onto something new when you don’t hit that first, second, or third milestone?

What would happen if you committed to what you really want no matter what? And remained unwavering in the adventure to make it REAL?

What would become possible for you?
What would open up for you then?

With light, love, & a new plan,

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