If there’s one thing I’m sure of, the collective energy as of late has felt a bit chaotic and confusing.

Transformation—big transformation—is on the horizon for many of us. We’re in the thick of understanding what’s not working and what doesn’t feel good anymore. Like the Pheonix, the old is falling away in flames and the next task ahead is deciding what we want to create out of the ashes.

Whether you’ve had clarity on what your future looks like or you’re still patiently waiting for it to hit, it can be daunting to face a big transformation alone.

During my own transformation, I’ve felt it. Through my commitment to play a bigger game, doubts and fears have crept their way into consciousness.

What I’ve found to be extremely helpful in turning down the volume on Fear is support—support from a high level leader, as well as a community of like-minded soul sisters and brothers.

In the NEXT LEVEL Tribe, myself and my beautiful members have agreed to expand and push our limits to places we haven’t gone before. We’ve agreed to support one another through community, coaching, and a bit of masterminding too.

If you’re someone who is looking to receive and give this kind of support—if you’re ready to play a bigger game and squeeze the juice out of the transformational energy currently available to us, I’d love to invite you to join us on our next three month adventure together starting in September. 

How will the NEXT LEVEL Tribe support you?

The NEXT LEVEL Tribe is designed to help you…

✓ Clear the crap that’s keeping you from feeling good/taking action towards your “impossible” goal.  
✓ Boost your productivity to gain massive momentum in the unfolding of your vision.
✓ Transform your mindset, energy, and strategy to support your next level.
✓ Harness the power of the New Moon in the manifesting process.
✓ Find like-minded life + biz buddies who GET YOU.

“As soon as Kayla announced the Next Level Tribe, I was all in. I’ll brag that I was the first one to put payment down because I knew I needed a deeper connection with what I was trying to accomplish.

I was a busy woman working 3 jobs, about 55-60hrs a week. I was so run down and told Kayla that I just wanted to have one full time job to focus more on building my network marketing job on the side. I eventually added another job on top of the other three, increasing my workload to +10hrs. Talk about exhaustion! At the time, I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish what I had set out to do, but Kayla was always there guiding me through the troubles and tribulations. She helped me stay grounded when I needed it most and kept me on the path to my goal. Only a few short months later, I reached my goal. I’m making more money through ONE full time job, I have less anxiety, and I’m able to focus more on my passion.

I honestly couldn’t believe how much I had accomplished in such a short time with this group. Kayla really pushes you to think deeper and raise your vibration in order to get to that next level – literally. The powerful group calls and the other tools she has to keep you on your feet are like nothing I’ve ever done before. I’m so excited to continue with the group and see what else I can achieve!”

What does it include?

Access to a private Facebook Community with these features…


The New Moon is traditionally a time to get clear, relax, and have fun! Each month, you will have the option to join the entire community for a 60-minute New Moon Party. We’ll start the hour with a discussion of the current energetic forecast and how it’s playing out in your life. Next, we’ll go around and share what we’d like to create or focus on over the next month. In the spaces between, there will be an opportunity to mastermind, coach, or support one another. Being witnessed by your peers and speaking your desires into the world is transformational and powerful in and of itself. We’ll end our time together with free form chatting until the hour is up. 


Each month, you will receive one 60-minute Group Coaching Call. Come to the call with what you’re struggling with {everything and anything is up for discussion} and I, along with support from your peers, will coach you through your blocks/energy leaks. Three calls will be scheduled to accommodate members’ varying schedules and time zones. Each call requires a minimum of two members to run and is capped at three members, so you are guaranteed coaching time. 


Each quarter, a guest expert will come into the Tribe for an interview or a masterclass on a topic that the community would like to learn more about! Past experts have come in to talk about intuitive branding and social media marketing! 


Throughout the three months, you have Monday-Friday access to me and the community via our private Facebook Group. If you find yourself in need of coaching, feedback, or an answer to a question, you can post in the group and we’ll be there to support you.

Who am I & why did I create this container?

Hi, I’m Kayla! You’re Loving Leader + Mindset & Manifestation Coach.

I’m passionate about helping you do the DEEP INNER WORK so you can manifest your “impossible” goal. I developed my Coaching skills by earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, my Wellness Coach certification through the IAWP, and by working as a Residential Counselor for four years, where I coached young adults with mental illness. I continue to hone my skills regularly by investing in high level Intensives and Coaching programs with some of the best Coaches in the world. 

I’m also a Projector by Human Design, which means that I’m here to help you understand yourself and your world better. I have a natural gift for seeing patterns and holding people to their untapped potential. Not to mention, I am a phenomenal listener, which is something I really pride myself on as a Coach. I promise to witness you fully and gift you all of my energetic resources while working with you.

I created the NEXT LEVEL Tribe because I personally know what it feels like to be 100% committed mentally and emotionally to achieving my dreams, yet not having the resources to invest in powerful 1:1 Coaching to help me get there. When I first started my business, I took to heart that one needs to invest in oneself in order to thrive. Unfortunately, I invested too much in the wrong things, which left me with few resources to invest in the RIGHT things, like a Coach + a community.

Therefore, if you’re in the same boat OR you simply want support from an intimate community, this container is perfect for you!

So what’s next?

If the NEXT LEVEL Tribe is calling to you, the next round will start in September and run through November. You can lock in your spot for $347 below. The Tribe is limited to only 9 members and there are currently 2 open spots.

After paying, you will receive a Welcome Email within 24 hours that includes important details + next steps. If you require a payment plan, please reach out to to discuss the options. 

$347 for three months
>>Pay Here<<

*Please note that there will be no refunds for payments already made.