Create The Impossible Community

The Create The Impossible Community is an online + offline support community.

The intention is to build supportive relationships that can lead to finding collaborative partners, referrals, or accountability/mastermind partners and for powerful people to support powerful people in achieving their next “impossible” goal.

The Create The Impossible Community is for you if…

➵ You play a BIG game in your life or business. You understand that true joy and happiness comes from prioritizing the goal behind the goal, not the other way around.

➵ You’ve created “the impossible” in your life or business before and you’re looking for a high level community to lean on as you adventure towards your next “impossible” goal.

➵ You’re eager to create and nurture connections with like-minded others, especially if you’re local to New England.

➵ You’re committed to USING THE COMMUNITY in service of your breakthroughs.

What does it include?

A private Facebook Community with these features…


Every three months, members will have the opportunity to connect in real-time somewhere in the Massachusetts area. Each gathering will focus on an activity that promotes adventure, whether that means strolling down the Rail Trail in West Boylston, hiking Mt. Wachusett, picking apples at Tougas Farm, visiting a museum in Boston, sipping wine at Nashoba Valley, or having a cocktail at a speakeasy in Hudson.


Each month, members will have the opportunity to connect virtually via Zoom Video Conferencing. Members will alternate between meeting as a group and meeting in small breakout pods. On each call, members will have the chance to mastermind with other members. Calls will be held at varying times to accommodate different time zones and schedules.


Each month, one member of the community will receive a spotlight on their business to foster partnerships, referrals, and connection with potential Clients.


Each month, Kayla will host a FB LIVE Q&A where members can ask her anything related to vision, mindset, strategy, and energy when it comes to achieving their next “impossible” goal.


Each month, Kayla will select a member of the community to coach over Zoom Video Conferencing. The selected member will come to the session with a struggle or block that he or she is experiencing in the pursuit of his or her next “impossible” goal. The session will be recorded so that other members may glean insights and breakthroughs for themselves.


Each week, Kayla will post a coaching prompt + a celebration thread in the community. The purpose of the weekly coaching prompt is to help members dive deeper into themselves to gain clarity, stop hiding, and expand into who they need to be and what they need to do in order to accomplish their dreams. The purpose of the celebration post is to collectively reflect on and celebrate all of the #evidence showing up in members’ lives.

Members are also welcome to post ANYTHING in the group at any time.

How do you use this community to gain value from it?

In no way are you required to show up for every element offered in the CTIC. I understand that you’re a busy human and of course, you have different needs. If you WANT to show up for every element, I commend you and I’d argue that you’re getting an amazing deal for the investment you’re putting in, but in joining the community, it is not required.

Do you have to show up for something? Yeah! Or else, why would you pay for it? BUT, what you show up for is totally up to you. You get to pick and choose how you’d like to play. WHAT IS WORTH the money and time that you’re investing?

Pinpoint your intention and show up accordingly.

So how do you join?

STEP ONE: Decide which subscription level you’d like to purchase and then click on the corresponding “Pay Here” Link below.

$20 every month
>>Pay Here<<

$50 every three months {save $10}
>>Pay Here<<

STEP TWO: After checkout, you will be redirected to the private Facebook Community, which you can request to join. 

STEP THREE: Check your email to read through your Welcome Email, which will contain a community schedule + important details about your membership. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to receive a Welcome Email. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me >>here. 

*You can choose to leave the community at any time by canceling your subscription. No refunds will be provided for payments already made.