What It Means to Love Your Darkness & Why Your Success Depends On It

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I’m inflexible and rigid. An emotional roller coaster. I talk way more than I listen to the ones closest to me. I forget things easily. I can be so focused on what’s going on in my head that I completely miss whole parts of a conversation with Jon. I don’t have sustainable energy. I’m typically late for anything that requires my physical presence. And you know what? I love all of it. I love all of me. But it hasn’t always been like this. There’s a monstrous epidemic in our culture where we have become obsessed with our personal shortcomings; with all of the things we don’t like about ourselves....

What Tulum Taught Me About Manifesting More Success

Inspiration, Personal Story, Self-Care
Kayla MacArthur

It took me THREE DAYS to completely turn off. In one of the most beautiful paradises I’ve ever been to, it took me three whole days to leave the computer locked in the tent and to pack the personal development books back in my suitcase. Three whole days—lost to the illusion that one can be “on” while simultaneously turning “off.” Tulum, with all of its beauty and magic, taught me how to relax again. And I’m not talking about the kind where you kid yourself by having one foot in and one foot out—I’m talking FULL ON RELAXATION. The kind where you melt into one of the canvas beds propped...

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What is Your Anchor?

Personal Story, Raise Your Vibration, Self-Care
Kayla MacArthur

Pursuing and living your calling is one of the highest forms of WAKING UP. When you’re anchored in the world by your calling, you feel a sense of fulfillment that is no match to what any relationship, any drug, or any amount of money from a soul-sucking job could provide. I know this because I’ve experienced it myself. There was a time in my life when I was anchored in the world not by my calling, but by the men I dated. They WERE MY WORLD and I let my life revolve around them. I let them be my purpose—to the point where I became obsessed. So obsessed that I...

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16 Magical Habits For 2016 ➸

Manifesting Mindset, Self-Care
Kayla MacArthur

Let’s talk about habits! What kind of magical habits do you want to cultivate in the New Year? Here are my 16 magical habits for 2016… ::Body:: Go to the gym 5 days per week. If I happen to miss a day or two here and there, be gentle with myself.​ Eat with the seasons. Support local farmers and buy organic as much as possible. Meal plan & prep for the week ahead. Cook a scrumptious + cozy meal with Jon once per week for date night. ::Mind:: Complete a daily mindset practice. Right now, my practice includes meditation + EFT tapping. Read a little bit every day. Watch an inspiring...

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