A Reminder For When Life Feels Messy


Your mind is scrambled eggs.
It’s confused and messy and unsure of anything.

Everything it’s ever known is being yanked up and challenged. What’s true or real? You’re yearning for solid ground to stand on, for the smoke to clear, for the hidden gem to shine through, but right now—you’re just a swirl of incoherent thoughts and feelings.

It’s similar to what a seed must go through as it bursts beyond the confines of its bud and pushes through layers of darkness, unaware of where it is or what’s going to happen.

Growth is a place where nothing makes sense.
And sometimes, all you can do is make peace with being here.

Like the seed, you’ll eventually break from the soil and the sun will light up the world like nothing you’ve ever seen or felt before.

Hang on. The surface is coming <3

With light, love, & growth,

Words & Wisdom

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