6 Signs You’re On the Other Side of a Major Shift

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What happened?

Not long ago, you were lit up by your work and your ideas. You were taking action and thriving. You were dreaming BIG and creating.

And then, you weren’t.

Excitement and possibility took a hard brake and you were catapulted into a black hole of exhaustion and smallness. Now you’re trying to find your way out because 1.) it’s uncomfortable and 2.) you know you’re meant for more.

I totally get it. And actually, for how uncomfortable and confusing it is, you’re in the best place you can be. Even though you can’t see it yet, magic is afoot and pretty soon, you’re going to blast out of that hole with more brightness and power than ever before.

Personal evolution rarely strikes at a good time, but strike it does. Shifts happen. And where you are now is the space between the action, where you grow into your greatness.
Here are six signs that you’re on the other side of a major shift in your career or business:

1.) What you once enjoyed doing now feels like a chore.
2.) What once worked to produce results, doesn’t work anymore.
3.) You feel completely drained and exhausted.
4.) The work you’re doing doesn’t feel like a full expression of YOU.
​​​​​​​5.) There’s a stirring in your soul that’s pulling you in a new direction.
6.) You can’t shake the feeling that you’re here to do more, be more, and impact more.

What’s waiting for you on the other side of the hole is astronomical leveling up. The fire will return, your purpose will burn bright, and the whole world will lean back to watch how you show up.

So don’t worry if the pieces aren’t all there yet. They will be. They will come together. For now, allow the hole to do its thing—to grow your next BIG thing.

With light, love, & greatness,

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