4 Ways Expectations Are Killing Your Dreams & What to Do About It

Creating The Impossible

Expectations are the kill joy of your dreams.
And they are as vital to you as the air that fills your lungs.

Expectations are the stuff you use to construct your perfect world. They are the measurement of choice when it comes to deciding whether things are going right/wrong or good/bad.

When things measure up, all is calm and great.

When things don’t measure up, your world turns upside down. Anger, frustration, disappointment—they feed on the fantasy in your head, tearing it to shreds along with the last ounce of power you could have used to create what you actually want.

That’s the thing with expectations—they steal your power away. You think you’re the one driving, when in fact, your expectations are.

You are the passenger to your expectations.
And a victim to the reactions you have when things don’t happen in the way you had hoped.

It’s funny too because you’re the last person on Earth you’d consider to be a victim. You are strong and successful. You’ve done a lot with your life. You’ve added value to the world. You know what it takes to rise to the top.

Yet, for all that you’ve accomplished, it’s never enough and it’s never as fulfilling as you want it to be.

Four common ways that expectations are killing your dreams:

1.) You’re so focused on how things “should” look, that you won’t let any other version in {even if another version may catapult you to the version that you really want}.
2.) Other people let you down, so you refuse to accept help {even if that help will expedite you to where you want to go}.
3.) When it can’t be perfect, you hold back {even when your imperfection is what will draw your people + opportunity to you}.
4.) You stop dreaming because nothing ever feels as good as you imagined {even though knowing what you want is required to create it}.

When you see how stuck you are in the muck of your expectations, it can feel impossible to let them go. But what if I told you that a one degree shift could create a 360 degree difference?

Check it out: What if instead of being a victim to your reaction, you chose to be the creator of your response? What if instead of shutting down because you’re not experiencing what you want, you opened yourself up to how you can create what you want?

There are millions of ways to get {create} what you want, not only in the one way you had hoped.

Reactor vs. Responder
Victim vs. Creator

Who will you choose to be and what will that do for your life?

With light, love, & possibility,

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